Press Conferences at the Texas Auto Show

The Biggest Auto Show in Texas

The 2024 Texas Auto Show Media Day will take place on Thursday, September 26 at the State Fair of Texas. Press conferences are held in various locations within the designated Texas Auto Show area of the fairgrounds. The press conference schedule will be determined after the form submission date listed. Complete all areas of this form. Request forms must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 7.


Register for a Press Conference

If you would like to participate in Media Day, you will be required to pay a flat fee of $700 (note: fee is per press conference for manufacturers with multiple brands). If you request to host any on-site press events in addition to the scheduled press conferences (e.g. breakfast, lunch, etc.), you are responsible for the planning and cost of said events. All payments and press conference information are due to the State Fair of Texas by Friday, September 6. You have two payment options, listed below. Please let us know which method you choose to use.

Payment Method 1 

Via credit card or ACH by emailing Bridget Browning here for an invoice.
(Note: we impose a surcharge of 2.9% on the transaction amount on Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit card products, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We do not surcharge debit cards, checks, or ACH bank transactions.) 

Payment Method 2

Write a check to State Fair of Texas and mail it to the following address: 

State Fair of Texas (Attn: Texas Auto Show)
P.O. Box 150009
Dallas, TX 75315 


Press Conference Request Form