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September 27, 2019 – October 20, 2019

A Closer Look: Kia’s All-New Telluride’s Design Inspired by Texas

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When automobile designers looks to the future and dream big, we are treated the concept car – a glimpse into the creative process of automotive innovation. Concept cars are part of the fun of attending a car show and at the Texas Auto Show, concept cars often take a Texas twist. This year one concept car in particular had some unique Texas roots that  went into creating a truly unique car.

The Kia Tulluride won’t arrive in showrooms until 2019 but this all-new SUV made its first public appearance a month ago at a showcase that’s part of New York’s Fashion Week.  The showcase was presented by fashion designer Brandon Maxwell from Longview, Texas and his unique style of design was beautifully integrated into a concept version of Kia’s Tulluride. The result of this collaboration is a wholly different take on design, function and style as it applies to the modern SUV.

One of the first stops this trendy “Maxwell Edition” Tulluride made after the New York Fashion Week is right here at the Texas Auto Show.  On display in the Centennial Building through the run of the Auto Show (September 28 – October 21), the Tulluride concept sits proudly as the crowning jewel of the Kia display. From buckle straps connecting the Tullride’s hood to the leather wrapped sideview mirrors, the Maxwell concept Tulluride is set for stylish adventuring.  Fair-goers will definitely need to walk all the way around the vehicle to appreciate all of the exterior, Texas-inspired design elements, including the wood and aluminum roof rack.  Event he spare tire is latched brashly to the back of the Telluride with saddle inspired, double stitched leather straps.



Admiring this concept edition of the Telluride it’s a wonder to imagine that it’s design had beginnings in Marfa, Texas of all place. So how did Maxwell and Kia come together to produce the Bespoke edition?  As Maxwell tells it, the collaboration sprang from a desire to uplift educational programming in West Texas.


“My Mom drove me to school in West Texas in a Kia Sedona, and my adoration for the brand runs deep,” said Maxwell. “When I left Marfa, Texas, where I designed my SS’19 collection, I started talking with Kia. I wanted a partner who could help fill a need in Marfa’s public school system and Kia was looking to create a unique integration for their new Telluride. It was a natural fit as Kia has a long history of philanthropic initiatives that support education. Kia is not just funding necessary technological purchases and educational programming to give the children of Marfa the quality education they deserve, but also providing a vehicle for local teachers’ use.”

The Bespoke Kia Tulluride won’t ever be put into mass production in this unique configuration but it’s still an interesting showcase of Texas-inspired ingenuity and creativity. What better place to display a design concept that’s bigger than life than at the Texas Auto Show.

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